The Open Door Library

Our Open Door participants are off to Drama School. They’ve been given a reading list and we’d like to keep costs down by creating a small library for them to be able to borrow from. So actors and practitioners who have Acting, Voice, and Movement books you no longer need we’d love to take them off your hands. 

Our fantastic friends at The Mono Box have donated the first stack of acting books to Open Door Library, and given our library a home at their new studio in Bermondsey.

If you have any books on the list below that you are willing to part with please send them in addressing the envelope as the following;

The Mono Box  |  Open Door Library  |  Block F  |  The Biscuit Factory  |  100 Clements Road | London SE16 4EE

As always we’re appreciative all your continued support. You really are making a difference. 

The books we require are:


Stanislavski: An Introduction, Jean Benedetti

Challenge for the Actor, Uta Hagen

On Acting, Sanford Meisner & Denis Longwell

An Actor Prepares, Constantin Stanislavski

Creating a Role, Constantin Stanislavski

Building a Character, Constantin Stanislavski

An Actor’s Handbook, Constantin Stanislavski

Acting Stanislavski, John Gillett

The Complete Stanislavsky Toolkit, Nick Hern Books, Merlin B

Beyond Stanislavsky, London, Nick Hern Books, Merlin, B (2001)

The Actor and the Target, London, Nick Hern Books, Donnellan, D (2002)


Voice and the Actor, Cicely Berry

The Actor and Text, Cicely Berry

The Vocal Arts Workbook + DVD, David Carey and Rebecca Clark Carey

Freeing the Natural Voice, Kristin Linklater

The Need for Words: Voice & Text, Patsy Rodenburg

The Voice Exercise Book, Jeannette Nelson


First Steps in Music Theory: Grades 1-5, Eric Taylor

Singing on Stage: An Actor's Guide, Jane Streeton & Philip Raymond

Freeing the Natural Voice, Nick Hern Books, Linklater, K (2006)

Singing and the Actor, A& C Black Limited. Kayes, G (2000)

Acting in Musical Theatre, New York,Deer J, Dal Vera R (2008)

The Cambridge Companion to the Musical, Cambridge University Press Limited,Routledge Everett W, Laird P (2008)

The Voice Book,  McCallion, M (1988)


A Bridge between Acting and Fighting, Jean Benedetti

The Moving Body, Jacques Lecoq 

Laban for Actors and Dancers, Jean Newlove

The Actor and His Body, Litz Pisk 

The Alexander Technique, John Gray



Games for Actors and Non-Actors, Augusto Boal

House of Games, Chris Johnston

Impro, Keith Johnstone

Biographies & Actors’ Personal Techniques

Being an Actor, Simon Callow

On Acting (interviews with actors), compiled by Mary Luckhurst and Chloe Veltman

Other People’s Shoes, Harriet Walter

In Search of Shakespeare, Michael Wood

Contemporary Drama & Theatre

State of the Nation, Michael Billington

The Empty Space, Peter Brook

The Full Room: an A-Z of Contemporary Playwriting, Dominic Dromgoole


Norton Anthology of Poetry, ed. by M. Ferguson

The Rattlebag, Ted Hughes & Seamus Heaney

The Oxford Book of English Verse, ed. by Philip Larkin

Angles of Ascent, A Norton Anthology of Contemporary African American Poetry ed. by  Charles Henry Rowell

Historical Background

The Greeks, HDF Kitto

Shakespeare’s Professional Career, Peter Thomson

Will in The World: How Shakespeare Became Shakespeare, Stephen Greenblatt

A History of Britain, Simon Schama

The Age of Scandal, T.H. White

The Theory of the Modern Stage: From Artaud to Zola: An Introduction To Modern Theatre And Drama, Ed - Eric Bentley

The History of Theatre, David Timson (Naxos AudioBooks)