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IGNITE. Interested in working in film, television and theatre? 

Wondering what it might be like to be a casting director, lighting designer, actor, makeup artist, camera operator? Don’t know what some of these even are or think they’re not ‘real jobs’ with real salaries? Come find out! 

This Autumn award winning Initiative OPEN DOOR team up with Leicester Curve, Derby Theatre and The Nottingham Playhouse to deliver three editions of our exciting new event ‘IGNITE’. Come along to our Q&A to learn more about employment opportunities within the film, television and theatre industry and fire questions at the people who are already doing it!

The creative industry currently employs over 3 million people which is 1 in 11 U.K jobs. We want to spread the word about the huge range of roles that exist within this sector, get you inspired and arm you with the info and inside tips you will need to pursue a career in this creative and inspiring industry.

Come see what all the fuss about and IGNITE your passion for a new career!

Leicester Curve, September 13th, 5pm

Book online or call 0116 242 3595

Derby Theatre, September 19th, 4.15pm

Book online or call 01332 59 39 39

Nottingham Playhouse, October 7th, 4pm

Book online or call 0115 941 9419